The Best Breakfast in Newmarket

How can a restaurant offer the best breakfast in Newmarket?

Here’s what we believe a breakfast restaurant should do in order to offer the best breakfast in town.

Select the very best eggs possible.

How can you tell if the eggs are good? First, from the taste, but also often by the color of the eggs. Our organic eggs have a strong yellow, almost orange yolk, in comparison to many other egg yolks that are noticeably paler.

The freshness of all ingredients is also essential. It is great to have good eggs but they must be offered with side dishes that are also very particularly selected and fresh.

Interesting egg recipes. Besides the usual traditional eggs, we believe that it is important to offer innovative and creative egg dishes so that clients can try something new and different in order to have a new culinary experience.

These are only few of the ingredients that we believe are required to offer the best breakfast in Newmarket.

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